Dominican Nuns of Corpus Christi Monastery

Corpus Christi Monastery is the oldest Dominican monastery in the United States, a 125 year old branch of the first monastery of nuns founded by St. Dominic de Guzman in Prouilhe, France, in 1206.

Our vocation places us In Medio Ecclesiae, in the heart of the Church, the heart of the Order. Such was the desire of St. Dominic in order to emphasize in a radical way the grace of contemplation, which is the very source of the itinerant apostolic life begun by him. Rooted in God’s Word through prayer, study, community life and hospitality, we partake of the universal mission of our Order, receiving in the inmost sanctuary of compassion the needs of the entire human family.

-from their website


Corpus Christi Monastery
1230 Lafayette Avenue
Bronx, NY 10474




Professed Members: Contact for more information
Year Founded: 1880
Archdiocese: New York
Qualifications: A desire to truly seek God, Good physical health, Psychological maturity, Good judgment, Open-mindedness to learn, Suitability for community life, Sufficient culture and education, Sound motivation to live the form of community life found in the Dominican Order.
Formation: Contact for more information
Age range/limit: 20-45
Belated vocations? Contact for more information