Handmaids of the Precious Blood

The Handmaids are cloistered contemplatives dedicated to the honor, praise and worship of God. By our hidden apostolate, we extend the arms of prayer and sacrifice around the world, with a special solicitude for God's priests. A Pontifical community, our love for the Church is expressed in unswerving loyalty and fidelity to the Holy Father. Eucharistic adoration is a special aspect of our ecclesial mission.


Rev. Mother Marietta H.P.B.
Reverend Mother Prioress
596 Callaway Ridge
New Market, TN 37820



Professed Members: 14
Year Founded: 1947
Diocese: Knoxville, TN
Qualifications: Good physical and mental health with sufficient emotional maturity to live a joyful monastic community life. Candidates must also be free from all canonical impediments. Basic vocal musical ability is required. U.S. citizenship and fluency in the English language required.
Formation: Under new regulations from the Holy See (cf. Instruction “Cor Orans - Praying Heart” April 2018), our Aspirancy Program consists of at least 12 months of spiritual and human formation, and our Postulancy one to two years. The Novitiate has a duration of two years and the Juniorate a total of five years. Initial Formation, therefore, will be no less than nine years and not more than twelve.
Age range/limit: 19-40
Belated vocations? Yes: We do accept belated vocations [ages 41-50] though they are by exception. Transfers from other religious communities are possible.