Benedictine Monastery of San Benedetto

The Monastery of San Benedetto is a community of Benedictine monks in Norcia, Italy, the birthplace of St. Benedict, founder of western monasticism. The monks' goal is to prefer nothing to the love of Christ. They pray the full monastic office as laid out in the Rule of St. Benedict, observe the monastic fast and have retained the patrimony of Gregorian chant and the traditional form of the Latin liturgy (extraordinary form).


Fr. Benedict Nivakoff O.S.B.
Vocation Director
Via Reguardati, 22
06046 Norcia (PG), Italy

39 0743 817125


Professed Members: 11
Year Founded: 1998
Diocese: Spoleto-Norcia, Italy
Worldwide: Every continent
Qualifications: Practicing Catholics, age 20-35, are invited to come for a short visit of two or three weeks to consider monastic life.
Formation: Formation focuses strongly on the interior life: conversion, self-knowledge, the rooting out of vice and the acquiring of virtue- all to create a man of continual prayer. An observership of three months and a postulancy of nine months precede a one-year novitiate. Then, simple profession of three years is made before solemn profession, the monk’s total consecration.
Age range/limit: 20-35
Belated vocations? No