Camaldolese Hermits of Monte Corona (Holy Family Hermitage)

A form of semi-eremitical life is practiced in the Camaldolese Hermitage. It consists of a wise balance between the solitary (eremitic) life and community (cenobitic) life.

The eremitism is manifest in the fact that each monk lives in a cell (little house with small garden) separate from the others; he usually takes his meals alone; he does the “lectio divina” (divine reading) and other personal prayers in cell; he perhaps does manual labor alone; and he spends the time remaining after work and common prayer in cell; he remains habitually in the cloister and performs no exterior ministry..

The cenobitism is manifest in this: all are subject to a Rule and to a superior; Holy Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours are celebrated in common; dinner is taken together in the refectory on the principal feasts; in carrying out one’s own duties, there are inevitably occasions of encounter with the brethren; silence is generally observed, although sometimes free conversation is allowed.

The aim of the eremitic life is contemplation, which is that inward attitude of prayer by which one seeks to keep the heart constantly turned toward God. Note well that prayer is as much for others as for oneself, in the sense that the hermit is not a man shut up in egoism, but one who presents to God, together with the offering of his own life, the needs and sufferings of the entire world.

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Holy Family Hermitage
1501 Fairplay Road
Bloomingdale, OH 43910




Professed Members: 6
Year Founded: 1959
Diocese: Steubenville, OH
Congregation: Monte Corona (other Hermitages in Italy, Poland, Spain, Columbia & Venezuela)
Qualifications: Catholic male, free state, good health, not a recent convert, high school degree, employed
Formation: Rule of Formation on website
Age range/limit: 23-50
Belated vocations? Donate (interior oblate): ages 51-60