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Benedictine Monastery of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Hidden in the heart of rural Vermont, in the heart of the Church, the nuns of the Monastery of the Immaculate Heart of Mary dedicate their lives to seeking God in His infinite Beauty. Remaining close to His Word by a rich tradition of liturgical prayer and Gregorian chant, we contemplate, praise, and thank Him, giving voice to the needs of all humanity and creation.

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Benedictine Abbey of Regina Laudis

The Abbey of Regina Laudis, founded in 1947 in Bethlehem, Connecticut, U.S.A., is a community of contemplative Benedictine women dedicated to the praise of God through prayer and work. The nuns of the abbey chant the Mass and full Divine office each day, while expressing the traditional Benedictine commitment to manual work and scholarship through various contemporary media and professional disciplines.

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Our Lady of the Rock Benedictine Monastery

Our Lady of the Rock Monastery is a Benedictine monastery of women located in the heart of the beautiful San Juan Islands of Washington state. It is a place of recollection, prayer, and joyous self-giving. Set amidst 300 acres of forest and farmland, the nuns live out their lives faithful to the traditions handed on to them by their holy founders, Saint Benedict and Saint Scholastica.

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