Benedictine Nuns of St. Scholastica Priory

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St. Scholastica Priory, a contemplative monastery of Roman Catholic nuns, follows the Rule of St. Benedict, written about 530 A. D. As Benedictines, we are not considered part of an order in the modern sense: our house is autonomous, but we are aggregated to the international Subiaco-Cassinese federation of Benedictine monasteries.

The aim of our life is the search for God and union with him through prayer. The celebration of Holy Mass and the seven hours of the Divine Office is primary in our lives: the nuns’ chief role in the Church is prayer, not only for ourselves, but for the world. Christ is the Intercessor for mankind, and we have a call to participate in his intercession for the world in a particular way. Lectio Divina, the slow, meditative reading of Sacred Scripture, fosters a loving attention to God’s word daily speaking to us through the scriptures. Eucharistic Adoration on First Fridays and weekly Benediction nourish our union with Christ.

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St. Scholastica Priory
271 North Main St.
Box 606
Petersham, MA, 01366



Professed Members: 10
Year Founded: 1984
Diocese: Worcester, MA
Qualifications: Single Catholic women, mentally and emotionally mature, and prepared to undertake a life of stability, obedience, conversion of life in an enclosed monastery. Love of God and neighbor and of the Church, her traditions and teachings are necessary. The ability to live with others is essential. No extant debts. It is best if the candidate has had two or more years of work experience at a regular job after finishing college before applying to join. A college degree is not required, but ongoing study is an important aspect of our lives. 
Formation: The candidate makes a preliminary visit as a guest or a participant in a Monastic Experience Weekends. If she seems to have a possible vocation, she is invited to live with the novices in the community for a period of time, preferably a month. If the sense of vocation remains, the candidate becomes a postulant for six months, living the life of the community. Postulancy is followed by a one-and-a-half-year novitiate (sometimes extended to two years), during which the new novice dons the habit, receives a new name, and lives in the community under the direction of the novice director. After the novitiate, the novice enters into temporary vows for three years (the period can be extended). With solemn vows, the nun becomes a full member of the community, with all the attendant rights and responsibilities.
Age range/limit: 20-40
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