Discalced Carmelites of Santa Fe

This is a cloistered community of contemplative prayer in which the sisters live their lives for God and for His Church. The call to Carmel is a call to serve the Church through prayer and sacrifice. The sisters' charism is guided by their foundress, St. Teresa of Avila, and by St. John of the Cross. The essence of the Carmelite contemplative life is: living in the presence of God, in imitation of their most pure Mother Mary and the prophet Elijah, their spiritual founder who lived 900 years before Christ.


Mother Marie Bernadette, O.C.D.

Sr. Marie Anthony, O.C.D.

Novice Mistress

49 Mount Carmel Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87505




Professed Members: 9
Year Founded: 1945
Diocese: Santa Fe, NM
Worldwide: Every continent
Qualifications: Sufficient mental and physical health; high school education at least.
Formation: Formation consists of aspirancy, postulancy, novitiate, temporary profession, and then permanent profession. Ongoing formation occurs within the community.
Age range/limit: 20-40
Belated vocations? Yes: There have been exceptions to the above received.