Poor Clare Colettines of Maria Regina Mater Monastery

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We are cloistered, contemplative Poor Clares who follow the reform of St. Colette of Corbie. Our life is one of praise and adoration of God, as well as prayer and penance on behalf of the Church and the world. In the spirit of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi, we strive to foster a joyful community of charity, together with the sisters the Lord has given to us.

We profess three vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, adding a fourth vow of enclosure as the ultimate expression of our total dependence on Divine Providence. Our vow of enclosure is a significant aspect of our charism as daughters of St. Clare, which we deeply cherish. Our monastic family may be comprised of both cloistered and extern sisters; externs do not take a vow of enclosure but are its special guardians as they care for the outside business of the monastery.


Monastery of the Poor Clares
Vocation Director
1175 N 300 W
Kokomo, IN 46901



Professed Members: 8
Year Founded: 1959
Federation: Mary Immaculate
Diocese: Lafayette, IN
Worldwide: 40 countries
Qualifications: Baptized and confirmed Catholic women who love God and the Church and are willing to grow in their faith. Good physical and mental health with sufficient maturity to live with others in community. Teachable.
Formation: A one to two-year aspirancy precedes initial formation. The one to two-year postulancy is followed by a two-year novitiate. A juniorate of at least five years precedes the solemn or final profession as a Poor Clare.
Age range/limit: 18-35
Belated vocations? No.