Discalced Carmelites of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Our charism is to devote ourselves to the contemplation of God and to follow the path traced by Our Holy Mother St. Teresa of Avila in living a poor, mortified life in strict enclosure and the traditional practices of monastic life.

“Since moving into the Elysburg monastery (vacated in 2007 by an aging community), the Nuns have experienced a surge in vocations. Here, this new generation has found the perennial ideals of the cloistered Carmelite vocation lived in all its traditional fullness. While this is a blessing, it has also created a challenge. With these new vocations, the Nuns have outgrown their current monastery. Rooms meant for recreation, meals, and work are fast being turned into living quarters to accommodate new postulants.

Bishop Ronald Gainer of the Harrisburg Diocese gave the Carmelites permission to branch out and found a new community. With his blessing, the Carmel of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph began the design process and in 2012 purchased the land on which to build. The founding sisters moved to the new monastery in July 2018.”

-from their website


Mother Stella-Marie of Jesus, OCD
Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph
327 Water St.
Fairfield, PA 17320



Professed Members: 7
Year Founded: 2018
Diocese: Harrisburg, PA
Worldwide: Every continent
Qualifications: Good health, high school education
Formation: 1. Letter exchange 2. Visit (outside cloister) 3. Application by mail 4. Entrance 5. Postulancy 6. Canonical Noviciate 7. Temporary Vows 8. Solemn Vows
Age range/limit: 17-late 20s
Belated vocations? Only if there is a vocation to be an extern sister.