Discalced Carmelites of the Infant Jesus of Prague and St. Joseph

The sacred cloister of our Monastery is a mystical garden enclosed where hidden lives of prayer and contemplation abound. Here we live to love Jesus fr those who do not love him, pray for those who do not pray, bring peace to those who do not find it and salvation for those who seek it. We are Carmel, we are Teresian and we are all Mary's.


Mother Juanita Marie of Jesus Crucified, OCD
600 Flowers Ave
Dallas, TX 75211



Professed Members: 12
Year Founded: 1907
Diocese: Dallas, TX
Worldwide: Every continent
Qualifications: Sound mental and physical health, good judgement and common sense. Ability to participate in the Divine Office and able to read, write and speak English.
Formation: Six months to one year of postulancy, two years novitiate, three years temporary vows
Age range/limit: 18-40
Belated vocations? Yes: God sometimes calls in the eleventh hour.