Prince of Peace Benedictine Abbey

These Benedictine monks are a cloistered contemplative monastic community of men seeking God under the Holy Rule of St. Benedict. Following St. Benedict's Rule, the monks obey and serve God and their fellow monks in the context of permanence in one community, life under the discipline of a rule governing monastic life, and obedience to an abbot. The monastery maintains a retreat house. Daily Mass and liturgical services are open to the public.


Fr. Bede Clark O.S.B.
Vocation Director
650 Benet Rd
Oceanside, CA 92058

760-967-4200 ext 248


Professed Members: 24
Year Founded: 1958
Diocese: San Diego, CA
Federation: Swiss-American Congregations
Worldwide: Every continent
Qualifications: Catholic male; good health; average intelligence; seeking God under a rule and an abbot; willing to live the cloistered monastic life.
Formation: Formation occurs at this monastery. Classes may include liturgy, Church documents, Scripture, catechism, Rule of St. Benedict, and Church history.
Age range/limit: 21-45
Belated vocations? Yes: Possible participation in claustral oblate program, but special restrictions and considerations must be made.