Our Lady of Clear Creek Benedictine Abbey


Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey is a Benedictine community belonging to the Solesmes Congregation. It was founded in 1999 from the Abbey of Our Lady of Fontgombault in France and is located in the diocese of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Having been erected as a simple priory in 2000, Clear Creek became an abbey in 2010. The community currently counts 50 monks.

Like the other monasteries of the Solesmes Congregation, Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey, having devoted itself from the outset wholly to the service of God in the hidden life, is to be counted among the institutes entirely ordered towards contemplation. By virtue of their vocation, the monks devote themselves to God alone in silence and in solitude, in constant prayer, and willing penance.

—from their website


Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey
5804 W Monastery Road
Hulbert, OK 74441-5698



Professed Members: 50
Year Founded: 1999
Diocese: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Worldwide: Every continent
Qualifications: Although we have no absolute age limit, the Novitiate program is designed for men in their 20s or early 30s. Experience has shown that it is most difficult to persevere in this kind of life after the age of 35, although we must not put limits on the grace of God. In addition, monks who are entering the choir novitiate are expected to have a basic understanding of ecclesiastical Latin.
Formation: Contact for more information
Age range/limit: 20-35
Belated vocations? Yes