Poor Clare Monastery of St. Clare of the Immaculate Conception

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Our charism is to observe the poverty and humility of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Most Holy Mother, living the Gospel life as followers of St. Clare and St. Francis, in contemplative community of charity and unity within the enclosure.

The Poor Clare Nuns’ mission is to live the Gospel in total poverty, through a life of prayer and penance. They do so through daily prayer, readings, communing with God and silent meditation. Living in community is another critical aspect of the sisters’ charism. They share responsibilities for the upkeep of the monastery. The order in St. Louis have a specialty of making altar breads for use in the Holy Mass.

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Rev. Mother Abbess
Monastery of Saint Clare of the Immaculate Conception
200 Marycrest Drive
Saint Louis, MO 63129-4813



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