Monte Maria Monastery of the Visitation

In 1610 St. Francis de Sales and St Jane de Chantal founded the order of the Visitation of Holy Mary to give to God souls so interior that they may be found worthy to serve Him in spirit and in truth. Our order was 
established to welcome those not able to practice austerities required in other orders. Our mortification is interior: to live in profound humility before God and to act with great gentleness towards one another.

In 1866 Visitation Sisters from Baltimore, Maryland came to Richmond, Virginia at the request of Bishop John McGill to pray for the diocese and its priests and in 1987 we relocated to Rockville, VA to continue our silent testimony and way of extending the Kingdom of God, of sharing in the evangelization of the world. We are called to live a hidden life with great simplicity. It is not a false tranquility nor a selfish peace that we seek, but to unite ourselves ever more closely to Him in all our work both interior and exterior. We ask for grace before all our actions, so that all may be done according to His will for the sanctification of our own soul and the salvation of others.

Our motto is “Live Jesus”. That is to let Jesus live in us, to be mindful of His presence, and to think and act as He would. It is an intimate union with our Spouse that grows ever closer each moment of the day, especially in times of silence. Although we enjoy each other’s company during recreation periods, silence is also a very important and necessary aspect of our life. We offer retreats for those discerning a vocation to our way and give them the opportunity of a “come and see” experience.


Sr. Marie Helene, Vocation Directress
Monte Maria Monastery of the Visitation
12221 Bienvenue Road
Rockville, VA 23146



Professed Members: 10
Year Founded: 1866
Federation: First Federation of North America
Diocese: Richmond, VA
Qualifications: Have a sound mind and good judgement, emotionally stable and well suited to live community life
Formation: 1 year Aspirant, 1-2 Years Postulant, 2 years Novice, 5 years Temporary Professed (Total Minimum amount of Formation: 9 years following the new norms from Rome)
Age range/limit: 18-55
Belated vocations? Yes if younger than 55.