Passionist Monastery of the Sacred Passion

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The cloistered Passionist Nuns were founded by St. Paul of the Cross to live a hidden contemplative life dedicated to intercessory prayer for the apostolic work of his congregation, for the Church and for the whole world.

This cloistered community's contemplative mission is to promote devotion to, and grateful remembrance of, the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ. This is done through prayer and community life. Each nun takes a special vow to "promote devotion to and a grateful remembrance of the sufferings of Jesus."


Sr. Mary Catherine C.P.
Novice Directress
1151 Donaldson Hwy
Erlanger, KY 41018



Professed Members: 6
Year Founded: 1771
Federation: United States
Diocese: Covington, KY
Worldwide: 18 countries
Qualifications: Good health, physically and emotionally; high school education; single; practicing Catholic; mature and responsible.
Formation: One year aspirancy program; one year postulancy; two year novitiate; six years temporary vows.
Age range/limit: 21-40
Belated vocations? No