Poor Clare Colettines of Cleveland


Our Poor Clare family is made up of cloistered contemplative nuns who serve the church and the world mainly by a life of prayer, and our extern sisters who are also called to minister to the community by meeting its external needs. All the sisters live one life in common, united in bonds of sisterly affection and shared activities.

As daughters of Saint Francis and Saint Clare, we are called to live the Holy Gospel, simply and plainly, according to the Form of Life they gave us.


Mother Abbess
3501 Rocky River Dr
Cleveland, OH 44111



Professed Members: 17 Total: We have 13 cloistered sisters and 4 extern sisters.
Year Founded: 1877
Archdiocese: Cleveland, OH
Worldwide: 40 countries
Qualifications: Good physical and mental health, with at least a high school education. Besides a love of prayer and a desire to serve God and the Church through humble labor and prayer, a candidate must possess the ability to live happily in community and to work with others.
Formation: All formation of the nuns takes place within the monastery. Formation consists of nine years before the final commitment of Solemn Vows.
Age range/limit: 20-35
Belated vocations? Yes: Belated vocations are considered only if a candidate is qualified, and not after 50 years of age. The sisters find that life in a small enclosed community, living a very simple and penitential lifestyle, is usually a greater transition than older women are able to make.