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Trappistines of Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey

Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey is a monastery of Cistercian (Trappist) nuns. A community of 22 Roman Catholic women, we try to follow Jesus Christ through a life of prayer, silence, simplicity, and ordinary work. Our rule of life, after the Gospel, is the Rule of St Benedict. Our order is wholly ordered to contemplation.

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Cistercian Nuns of the Valley of Our Lady Monastery

Founded in 1098, the Order of Citeaux is one of the Church's ancient monastic orders. The sources of Cistercian monasticism are the Sacred Scriptures, the Rule of St. Benedict, the traditions of the Desert Fathers, the spirituality of our own 12th century Fathers, and the treasury of lived wisdom handed-on by each succeeding generation of monks and nuns.

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