Poor Clare Nuns of the Franciscan Monastery of St. Clare

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As Poor Clares observing the First Rule of Saint Clare, we are enclosed, Franciscan, contemplative nuns. Our charism is centered in the love and contemplation of Jesus, in sisterly unity, and in intercessory prayer for the Church and world. Our community prayer is expressed in the full Liturgy of the Hours and in daily Eucharistic adoration.


Sr. Clare Frances McAvoy O.S.C.
Novice Directress
920 Centre St
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

 617-524-1760 or 617-524-7866


Professed Members: 13
Year Founded: 1212
Federation: Most Holy Name of Jesus
Archdiocese: Boston, MA
Worldwide: 70 countries
Qualifications: Practicing Catholic woman interiorly drawn to give herself totally to union with God through a life of prayer. Good physical and emotional health, along with sufficient maturity and generosity, are needed to live the intensity of monastic community life in an enclosed environment.
Formation: The monastery conducts its own novitiate. Informal classes and instructions are arranged according to necessary foundational instructions and the personal needs of each candidate. After at least a year of postulancy, the candidate is received as a novice for two years. After three years in temporary vows, solemn vows of obedience, chastity, poverty and enclosure are made for life.
Age range/limit: 20-49
Belated vocations? Yes: The candidacy of each person is individually discerned.