Dominican Nuns of Our Lady of Mount Thabor Monastery

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The community of Our Lady of Mount Thabor Monastery is a group of women called by the Church to live the joy filled Monastic life of community, prayer, work, silence and study for the sanctification of souls. A contemplative community, their daily schedule focuses on the Divine Office, which they sing or chant together in Chapel.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is celebrated Daily and is the center of their contemplative life. Profound silence is observed from after Compline until after Morning Prayer. Silence is the life, depth and heart of contemplation and is carefully kept by the Sisters throughout the day. Two periods of recreation per day are allowed where silence gives way to laughter and love.

The Nuns of Mt. Thabor Monastery live under an enclosure that is defined by their constitutions and approved by their Bishop.  It is an enclosure that allows for the necessary withdrawal and solitude required for contemplative prayer while at the same time allowing friends and family members to share in the monastic life of the Sisters by setting aside special times and places where visitors are allowed.  In addition, the Nuns are allowed to leave the enclosure with permission from the Superior for basic needs.  Always closely guarding the sacred silence of the Monastery, the Nuns are careful to avoid the use of anything that would distract from the life of prayer to which they are intensely called.

Their habit is a simple white tunic, black veil, leather belt with rosary attached, and scapular. The community is self-supporting and does remunerative work such as sewing for its self- sufficiency.


Sister Mary Joseph O.P.
Vocation Director
1295 Bald Eagle Lake Road
Ortonville, MI 48462



Professed Members: 5 Finally Professed; 1 Temporary Professed; 1 Novice
Year Founded: 1973
Archdiocese: Detroit, MI
Qualifications: Anyone seeking entry ought to be motivated with sincere love of God and neighbor and with an understanding of this manner of living. Those to be accepted are mature persons wishing to live this form of contemplative life. Since no one can really know or be sure they fully understand the meaning of this life, anyone wishing to experience it for a duration of time ought to be welcomed.
Formation: Postulancy: 6 months to 1 year; Novitiate: 1-2 years; Temporary Vows: 3 years; Final Vows: Until death. Formation of the Sisters is continuous. Its development, however, must pass through various stages. The community itself by its generosity and harmony is to be a family in which the younger members can more quickly become stable and grow in their vocation. The directress will teach the novices prayer and spirituality and instruct them in all virtues especially humility of heart. The Constitutions are studied and explained so that they may learn the spirit of St. Dominic and the traditions of the Order. A suitable program of studies will be given that embraces sacred doctrine and history and theology of the religious life. The Sisters are likewise trained in arts, crafts and work that are more conformable with the needs of life in the Monastery.
Age range/limit: 18-55
Belated vocations? Yes: The Sisters consider each applicant on a case by case individual basis