Dominican Monastery of the Angels

As Dominican Contemplative Nuns, we have withdrawn from the world in such a way as to embrace everyone in the heart of Christ.  As a community, we are called by God to witness to his love, to adoration and prayer, with the Word of God as the center of our lives.  We seek to sustain the Church, to intercede for mankind.  Through our life of prayer, work and study we bring to fruition God’s loving Word in the World.

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Monastery of the Angels
1977 Carmen Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90068




Professed Members: Contact for more information
Year Founded: Contact for more information
Archdiocese: Los Angeles, CA
Qualifications: Single and unmarried women ages 18-38. At least 2 years of college and work experience. Baptized Roman Catholic and live the Roman Catholic faith. Good physical and mental health and emotionally mature. A docile spirit seeking God’s will and the salvation of souls.Deep personal love for Jesus Christ and a determination to commit her life to Him.
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Age range/limit: 18-38
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