Dominican Nuns of the Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary


The love of Christ has gathered us together to live with one mind and heart as we constantly seek His face in prayer.  As Dominican Nuns, we are consecrated to God by solemn vows and appointed for the work of divine praise. Our life of prayer and adoration, sacrifice and penance is uniquely intertwined with the preaching and work of the Dominican friars for the salvation of souls. Like Saint Dominic, each nun bears within her heart with mercy and compassion all sinners and those who are afflicted in any way.  Rooted in the traditional monastic observances and the Dominican charism of study, we become more and more conformed to Christ Crucified. Eucharistic adoration and the Rosary serve to deepen our life of prayer and charity. The monastic community itself—through unity and charity—becomes a dwelling place for God. This charity in turn bears abundant fruit for the Dominican Order, the Church and the world.


Sr. Mary Lucy O.P.
Vocation Directress
335 Doat Street
Buffalo, NY 14211



Professed Members: 17 in solemn vows
Year Founded: 1905
Diocese: Buffalo, NY
Qualifications: Candidates should be truly seeking God, with a sense of being called to the monastic life. They should love the Church and be faithful to her teachings. They should possess good physical and psychological health and should be single (never married). A college degree or work experience is recommended.
Formation: The nine-year period of formation, from aspirancy to solemn profession, aims at gradually integrating the nun into the contemplative life of the monastery and preparing her for her total consecration to God. The stages of formation are: aspirancy (one year of contact with the community, including one month inside the enclosure), postulancy (one year), novitiate (two years), temporary vows (five years).
Age range/limit: 18-30
Belated vocations? No